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Join us at Marla's School of Dance for an unparalleled dance experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our studio is fully equipped and designed for all dancing styles, so put on your dancing shoes and sign up for a class with any of our experienced instructors. Convenient class times, no big time commitment, an excellent education, fun, and exciting classes.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Below is the 2021-22 schedule.
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2021-2022 Fall Class Schedule

**** These classes are intensive teams that you must audition for after taking the summer classes and August Boot Camp.
Season begins September 7th


3:30-4:20  1st-2nd grade Tap & Ballet      

3:30-4:20   3rd-5th Lyrical and Tap    

4:30-5:20  1st-2nd grade Jazz & Hip Hop      

4:30-5:20   3-5th grade Hip Hop & Jazz

5:30-6:30  All Teams Ballet Technique

6:30-8:00  Purple Team ****  

6:30-8:00 Silver Team  ****       


4:00-5:20 MSOD Mini's ****

4:50-5:20 Boys Hiphop

5:30-6:15   Preschool Tap & Ballet

5:30-6:20 Kindergarten Hiphop/Jazz

6:30-8:00  Purple Team ****  

6:30-8:00 Silver Team  ****     


4:00-5:20 MSOD Mini's ****

4:50-5:20 1st-5th Pom   

5:30-6:15  2nd Year Preschool tap/Ballet

5:30-6:20 Kindergarten Tap/Ballet

6:15-6:45 Pointe


4:30-5:10 6-12th Hiphop

6:00-6:40 Adult Hiphop *drop in option available

5:15-5:55 6-12th Tap

6:00-6:40 6th- 12th Jazz

6:45-7:25 Adult Tap *drop in option available

6:45-7:25 6th-12th Lyrical


Below is the schedule for the 2021-2022 season

Classes We Offer



A 45 minute class once a week that includes tap and ballet or jazz and hiphop.  Students will perform 1 dance per subject in the annual recital. 1 costume


Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Pom, Technique

Classes are set up in 30 or 45 minute time slots (depending on age) once a week with age group sessions offered back to back for students wanting to take more subjects in one visit. Students will perform 1 routine per dance style in the annual recital.

Acrobatics and technique are offered one hour a week to increase skills as a dancer.

Intensive Team/ Solos

Our intensive classes are 4-5 hours per week. All dancers in the program must audition in August as well as take the summer boot camp required for intensive students.  Extra cost are involved that include more costumes, shoes and competition fees. Solos are an option for team members only.



Our tuition is set up by the number of hours/classes your child takes attends.  The more hours they attend, the lower the price will be per hour. 


All dance families registered for classes have an annual $35.00 per family membership fee due upon registering.  Discount - A 5% discount will be given to students that pay the full tuition by September 10th. The discount is for tuition only and does not include costume fees.


All students have the option of paying the 1 time tuition fee (due Sept. 10th), 8 monthly payments for lessons with a separate costume charge due in November or 8 monthly payments including the costume fee.  The payments are due by the 10th of the month for the months of September through April.  Customers with outstanding payments after the 10th of each month will automatically be charged on your automatic withdrawal account on the 10th. A late fee of $35 will be added to your account on the 11th of each month if you are late on payments.   Intensive students will have a separate payment plan than below listed.

Payment prices for lessons including costume are available upon request



*Drop in classes cost $15 per class per person or pay the monthly fee for a discount                                                                                                                      


Hours per week                                   1 time tuition (-5%)                                                  8 monthly payments      

30 minutes                                                    $304.00                                                                           $40.00

45 minutes                                                    $388.00                                                                           $51.00                      

1 hour                                                            $396.00                                                                           $52.00                          

1 1/2 hours                                                    $570.00                                                                           $75.00                          

1 3/4 - 2 hours                                               $755.00                                                                           $99.00                          

2 1/2 hours                                                    $939.00                                                                           $123.00                        

2 3/4 - 3 hours                                               $1124.00                                                                         $148.00                          

3 1/2 hours                                                    $1304.00                                                                         $173.00

3 3/4 - 4 hours                                               $1504.00                                                                         $198.00

4 1/2 hours                                                    $1650.00                                                                         $217.00

4 3/4 - 5 hours                                               $1800.00                                                                         $237.00

5 1/2 hours                                                    $1984.00                                                                         $261.00

5 3/4 - 6 hours                                               $2166.00                                                                         $285.00

6 1/2 hours                                                    $2340.00                                                                         $308.00

6 3/4 - 7 hours                                               $2515.00                                                                         $331.00

7 1/2 hours                                                    $2644.00                                                                         $348.00

7 3/4 - 8 hours                                               $2774.00                                                                         $365.00

8 1/2 hours                                                    $2880.00                                                                         $379.00

8 3/4 - 9 hours                                               $2986.00                                                                         $393.00

9 1/2 hours                                                    $3154.00                                                                         $415.00

unlimited hours                                            $3321.00                                                                         $437.00


Now offering Drop in Dance Fitness Classes!!

6:00-6:45 Adult Hiphop *Every Thursday

6:45-7:30 Adult Tap *Every Thursday


*Based off of Horry county school district schedule

September 7th: Fall classes begin


October 11th: No Class *potential weather makeup day

October 12th: No Class *potential weather makeup day


November 22nd-26th: Thanksgiving break, no classes


December 20th: Winter break begins, no classes through break


January 3rd: Classes begin again


January 17th: No class


February 21st:No class

February 22nd: No Class *potential weather makeup day


March 21st: No Class *potential weather makeup day


April 7th: Picture Day


April 11th-15th: Spring break, no classes


April 28th: Last day of regular classes


April 29th: Dress rehearsal *subject to change


April 30th: Recital *subject to change


Competition Teams 2021-2022
Congratulations, these are your teams!

Purple Team Jazz/Lyrical: 

Harper Jones, Kaitlyn Malena, Ava Heise, Grace Burzler, Alli Satterfield, Katie Keane

Purple Team Tap/Hiphop:

Harper Jones, Kaitlyn Malena, Ava Heise, Grace Burzler, Alli Satterfield, Katie Keane, Riley Powell, Maliyah Wojcik, Kaylie Chinn, Keira Owens, Brianna Critelli

Silver Team Jazz/Lyrical: Riley Powell, Maliyah Wojcik, Kaylie Chinn, Keira Owens, Brianna Critelli

MSOD Mini's Team: 

Kinsley Glover, Abigail Melchione, Haizley Ballard, Mackenzie Snyder, Kai Weaver

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